Boat Rental with driver

Rent out our luxury Malibu Wakesetter with a professional driver. You have one hour to explore the wonderful Lake of Thun.
Passing the Beatus Caves with its waterful and the castle of Spiez.
If you want to jump in the water for a quick swim or if you want to go for a fast speed ride: It is all up to you.
Bring your own music on your phone and connect via Bluetooth to the soundsystem
Starting from Mountainsurf at Neuhaus
Scenic ride around the lake
Passing the Beatus Caves and its waterfalls
After 1 hour returning to the Port of Neuhuas​​​​​​​


  • suitable for everyone
  • scenic views
  • full speed or easy going
  • blutooth connectable soundsystem
  • professional boatdriver
  • up to 8 people


  1. Start from Mountainsurf
  2. Pass the Beatus Caves
  3. Drive towards Spiez to see the Castle
  4. Full speed rides
  5. Returning at the port of Neuhaus