• Guided SUP tours on the lake of Thun

Advanced SUP Tour

Come along to a guided SUP tour!  This tour offers balance and more! On this tour you will learn not only how to achieve perfect balance while you stand up and paddle on calm waters of Lake Thun, . The breathtaking mountain scenery around the lake will come alive with the stories and facts about what you are seeing. We will stop at the rocks at Sundalauenen and if you are brave enough you can jump off the cliffs into the deep water of Lake Thun.

Basic SUP Tour

The early bird catches the worm! Early morning is best time to soak in the peace and tranquility of Lake Thun. Experience the  lake’s serene beauty when the town is just waking up. Gift yourself a new perspective as dawn breaks over the lake. Morning’s calm waters make paddling easy. A perfect start to the day full of fun and joy!